Sunday, April 27, 2014

3-3-3 MUSIC


Miss Emily, is in part the brainchild of Cliff Fabri, who is mostly known for his work with Napanee megastar Avril Lavigne. Fabri met Fennell after he saw her play at a small gig on Wolfe Island. 

"(Cliff ) had this idea of me singing original music, more of my soul/rock stuff, sitting at a piano for half the set and the other half with my electric guitar," said Fennell. 

"It grew legs pretty quickly and it was really easy for me to ... write according to that kind of vibe. It was very natural for me." 

Fennell debuted her solo act to a sold-out crowd at Kingston's Grand Theatre in December. 

"It was really cool because obviously I've never had my own concert in a concert hall of that size," she said. 
Fennell entered the Lilith Fair contest after receiving some encouragement from a friend to put her song,The Sellout,on a website for people to judge. As of voting Thursday, she sits first among 1248 entries with one day left of voting in the quarter-final round. 
"I don't know if funny is the right word -- it doesn't seem like the right word -- but it was really one of those (things where) someone sends you a link and you submit a song. 
"When I saw the song sitting in first place I thought, 'I really have a chance at winning this,' " she said, "and the fact of the matter is, everyone is switching positions but (The Sellout) has been No. 1 for the past 24 hours. 
"It's just funny to me." 

Matt Wells MuchMoreMusic
There is an artist I think you should know about:
Miss Emily. I saw her perform at the Cisco Ottawa
Bluesfest about a month ago and I played a festival
gig with her in Toronto this past weekend
(think Janis Joplin meets Alicia Keys)..
Has played a few shows with The Tragically Hip
who are big fans, and I have a feeling about her like I haven't had about a new artist in a long time.